Lack of Volume is an underlying cause to many visible signs of ageing. At a superficial level, lack of volume affects how hydrated our skin looks. As we go deeper, Volumisation refers to the reformation of facial structures (such as cheekbone structure) and minimising the appearance of lines and folds. Dermal Filler has revolutionised what is possible with Volumisation.

Volumisation refers to the process of replenishing the face’s natural hyaluronic acid to hydrate and maintain youthful appearance using dermal fillers.

In our youth, the body produces an abundance of hyaluronic acid. In its natural form, it is fluid or like a liquid that fills our cells and keeps our skin looking hydrated and radiant. On a larger level, HA also contributes to the shape and structure of our face. As we age, our ability to produce HA declines. As a result, our skin starts to become ‘thin’ and appears ‘dehydrated’. The lack of HA also causes our facial substructures to decline causing the drop or sagging of our face (hence it is called a facelift to surgically reverse this process). Using dermal fillers, we are able to replace this lost HA (or prevent its decline in the case of Preventative Aesthetic). This treatment can help with a range of concerns including rehydrating the skin, recreating cheeks and other facial structures and preventing the signs of ageing using Preventative Aesthetic techniques and even a subtle facelift (a.k.a The Liquid Facelift). With advanced dermal fillers, we are now able to delay or even prevent the need for invasive surgical procedures.

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