End The Cover Up

By January 17, 2017Education

Ending the cover up. The effects of Rosacea may be more than skin deep. Persistent redness, lumps and bumps can leave you feeling self conscious and embarrassed. While makeup might hide the physical signs of Rosacea, it can`t hide the way it makes you feel.

If you are worried that Rosacea is holding you back, have an honest conversation with your doctor. With the right advice, you can take control and end the cover up.

Emotional Impact

Rosacea doesn’t affect your complexion. When your self-confidence suffers, so does your ability to enjoy life. In this way, Rosacea can begin to affect your relationships, your social life and your work. Whenever you feel isolated, and anxious about your Rosacea , just remember that your not alone.

The Importance Of A Diagnosis

It`s not always easy to diagnose Rosacea – people may initially mistake it for other skin conditions. As a result, people may not receive the correct treatment for their Rosacea. For example, people with lumps and bumps ( papulopustular rosacea) may try using acne treatments or antibacterial wash instead of treatments specifically developed for Rosacea.

To get the correct treatment for your condition, you will need a proper diagnosis. This is why it`s important to resist the temptation to self-diagnose. Speak to your doctor. They will take into account your signs and symptoms, triggers and medical history to ensure you receive the right treatment for your condition.




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