Dermal Fillers have revolutionised Aesthetic Medicine.

Non-permanent, well tolerated, naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid gels can be used to enhance lips, treat facial lines and folds, replace lost volume, create structure for jawlines and cheeks, shape the face, chin and nose and much more. Results can be anywhere from subtle to dramatic depending on your preference.

The treatments take 30-60 minutes and down time is minimal. The results are long lasting between 6-12 months (and can easily be dissolved at any time).

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Dermal filler is a gel composed of a naturally occurring sugar known as Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is found throughout the body in tissues such as skin, cartilage and bone. When we are young, the body produces an abundance of HA and this makes our skin plump, firm and vibrant. As we age, our body produces less HA. A reduction in HA makes our skin less hydrated, increasing lines and wrinkles. There are many approved dermal fillers available in New Zealand. These products include Juvederm, Restylane, Emervel, and Belotero.  They are all made of the same ingredient, HA, however each type of filler has different amounts of HA and is manufactured using different processes which significantly affects the properties of each product.
Having a thorough understanding of the properties of the individual fillers is essential in order to select the ideal product for any given area of the face of each particular individual. Careful consideration is given to the individual anatomy and the severity of the concern in order to carefully choose the best product and injection technique. For this reason, all dermal filler appointments should start with a consultation. Some of the areas commonly treated with dermal filler include lips, cheeks, tear trough, scars, jawline, nose, and hands. These are very safe products when skilfully injected and the results are immediate.
Dermal Fillers are a gel containing hyaluronic acid that is injected by a healthcare professional into or below the skin to smooth facial wrinkles and enhance lips by restoring volume and fullness. Do not have Dermal Filler injections in an area where there is a non resorbable implant or if you have irritated or infected skin, allergy to hyaluronic acid or other severe allergies, autoimmune disorders or hypersensitivity to local anesthetic or porphyria. Caution if you have a bleeding disorder, if you take medicines that prolong bleeding time, have had poor results with previous similar injections, have angina combined with rheumatism or a tendency to large scar formation. Dermal Filler treatments may result in some redness, swelling, pain or tenderness, itching and/or bruising which may last a few days. Inflammatory reactions can last up to two weeks in rare cases. See your healthcare professional if any side effects concern you. Exposure to excessive sunlight or extreme cold should be avoided until redness or swelling has resolved. Dermal Fillers are not recommended for people taking blood thinning medicines and they have not been tested in pregnant or breast feeding women. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS YOU ARE GIVEN.