Cheek Fillers, Chin Fillers, Cheek Rejuvenation, Chin Shaping

Using soft, safe and completely reversible dermal fillers, we can create volume, shape and structure to your cheeks and chin. As part of our Facial Shaping treatments, cheek fillers and chin fillers can create or rejuvenate your facial definition.

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Cheek fillers and chin rejuvenation almost always requires the use of dermal fillers and, in some patients, combination treatment with botulinum toxin is also required.

In our youth, our cheeks sit high on our cheekbones and are full or plump with hyaluronic acid. As we age, the cheeks begin to sag and lose volume. By replacing the lost volume with dermal filler and recreating the cheek structure, we can enjoy the appearance of our youthful cheeks for much longer. Similarly, a well-shaped chin is a structure associated with beauty in all cultures. Using dermal filler we can restructure and shape the chin to be more aesthetically pleasing. These treatments can produce incredible results and are relatively long lasting.

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For the scientifically minded, the sub-structure primarily responsible for full, high, youthful cheeks is called the malar fat pad. As we age, the malar fat pad loses volume and descends. By augmenting the malar fat pad, we are able to maintain the youthful appearance of our face for longer and prevent the gradual decline of the malar fat pad. Gradual augmentation of the malar fat pad is also a common treatment in Preventative Aesthetic.