The Botox Facelift or Nefertiti Lift is named after the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti who is said to have had perfect facial proportions. Using Botulinum Toxin placed along the neckline produces a subtle lifting effect. This treatment also improves the appearance of the jawline.

The Nefertiti Lift (a.k.a. The Botox Facelift) is a treatment using botulinum toxin to the neck and jaw area. In the right patient, the treatment can produce a remarkable reduction to sagging skin under the jaw and around the neckline, can reveal the jawline more prominently and even subtly lift the entire face. It is a beautiful treatment for the right client and often becomes a ‘must have’ addition to their ongoing treatment plan.

This is an advanced treatment and should only be performed by a qualified Aesthetic Physician. The results are very dependent on carefully selecting the appropriate patient. To find out if you can benefit from this incredible treatment, you will need to book a consultation.